Thursday, August 9, 2018

Hikvision Turbo HD Camera Review

 Hikvision Australia

Hikvision Australia

What is Turbo HD 3.0?

The brand is soon launching its third generation of Hikvision Turbo HD 3.0 analog solution. This Hikvision Camera has higher video recital up to 5 MP hd-tvi input and output of 4K video. Hikvision Turbo HD 3.0 also supports 1080p HD video. From Hommax distributor of Hikvision we want to inform you about Hikvision Camera Review with the advances of this technology Turbo HD 3.0.

Main features of Turbo HD 3.0

Among the main features of Hikvision Turbo HD 3.0 technologies are:
Greater compression efficiency: H.264 + IN DVR TURBO saves 50% of average bit rate. The "+" sign on our "H.264 +" signifies a step up from the H.264 standard in efficiency bit rates. That reduced by 50% on standard while maintaining high transmission value. That means more data available, and more memory available in recording devices and computer systems.

Greater resolution: The Turbo HD 3.0 DVRs allow up to 5 megapixels of high-definition video input, 4K UHD HDMI video output and real-time HD video recording at 1080p / 720p with a maximum speed of 30 fps. In the cameras, the high definitions of HD 3.0 are based on the joint work of the sensor, HD lens and Hikvision image signal processing (ISP). High definition lenses, with low alteration and big openings, permit for better performance in little light situation. Hikvision ISP offers videos with more feature and exciting colors.

Intelligent detection systems: The Hikvision Turbo HD 3.0 DVR is equipped with intelligent video analytics features:
·         Intrusion detection
·         Defocus detection
·         Face detection
·         Scene change detection
·         Virtual plane crossing

The increase of transmission distance: The technology of Hikvision Turbo HD 3.0 will allow realizing with high definition technology (HD) projects. That requires long distances of transmission Up to 800 m using an existing coaxial cable and 400 m with UTP cable.  Power supplies will no longer be necessary. Hikvision Power-Over-Coax (POC) radically simplifies the installation. The coaxial cable transports both the video signal and the power supply. This translates into a reduction of installation time and material, and therefore of the total costs of the installation.

Greater compatibility: The Hikvision Turbo HD 3.0 DVR presents immediate connections to IP, Turbo HD analog, and third party AHD cameras. You can update the existing systems by restoring the present function of DVRs, and cameras. You need to add IP network cameras to envelop new areas. Users can keep accessible analog cameras and update only the observation points needed for HD.

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